Flying on crutches

Technically this isn’t about an airport and nor is it something that happened this year, but I’ve just come back from a trip to India and told this story to people I was travelling with. They found it very amusing and suggested I write it up.

A few years ago I was flying to Saudi Arabia out of Heathrow. A couple of days before the trip I’d managed to damage my knee playing badminton so I was on crutches. I’d gone down to Heathrow where I was put into a wheel chair and taken through security. The man pushing me then took me to an area where I could wait and left me there. An hour or so later I suddenly heard my name being called out on the loudspeaker system “Final call for flight XXX and last call for Mr Tennant. The gate is now closing and your luggage will be off-loaded ..” Looking round I couldn’t see the man anywhere! So, grabbing my crutches and slinging my bag over my shoulder I hurtled down the departure area heading for my gate. Rounding the corner, and out of breath, a young lady at the gate asked, “Are you Mr Tennant?” “Yes,” I replied. “You’re just in time she said,” smiling at me. At that moment the young man who had originally wheeled me in came running around the corner pushing the now empty wheel chair!




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