A tricycle for two

Held in the halls and rooms of the National Teacher Training Academy the 6th International BELTA conference was a riot of colour and noise. Delegates from around 8 countries had a taste not only of Bangladesh, but a varied array of fare to choose from. Outside while life got on – with dust and traffic jams and general mayhem, inside was a flurry of activity – as teachers tried to decide which talk to go to, presenters tried to remember what they wanted to say and organisers wondered why each day seemed to be 36 hours long.

Every conference has teething problems, but the BELTA conference went surprisingly well, even managing to more or less run on time – no mean feat in a country where time is an elastic concept! My guesthouse had five clocks, but they all showed a different time!

Most interesting talk: Challenges of translating ELT materials for Adult learners (from English into Bangla) by Rashedul Hasan Shuvo.

Best presentation: Developing Leadership Skills and Strategies (Plenary session) by Rubina Khan who showed exactly why she can do so much.

Advice to self: Start charging for every photo someone wants to take with me.

Advice to others: Find out when the next conference is and come.

Thank you BELTA!



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