Diamonds in the dung

The title might appear a bit strange – cryptic even, but it’s a blend. There’s a saying ‘Diamonds in the rough’ and I’m in Liverpool at the 2013 IATEFL Conference. Of course the city is famous for the Beatles, and of course my brain works in mysterious ways and when I hear the word Beatles I often think of those small black scurrying creatures …

Anyway, to the bulk of the blog – and let’s see if we can unearth any diamonds! Day One – a full PCE day on Observation and CPD. Some interesting discussions, but no real ‘aha’ moments, although I do think I’ll remember that ‘endings matter.’

Day 2 has just started, so I’ll add more later. Let’s hope there’s something shiny waiting to be discovered today. More later …

Later turns out to be after the conference finished. There’s simply so much to do, so many people to meet and so many opportunities to develop that even finding enough time to eat can be tricky. Having said that, I didn’t find that diamond I was looking for, but nether did I end up in the dung! Of course, over the years I’ve become very good at choosing what I go to see and even if you go to something you don’t like it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.

The one panel discussion where I was hoping for some fireworks (The British Council Signature Event) disappointed as the panel were simply to polite towards each other. Now, I’m not advocating being rude, but think there is a place for being robust.

Another disappointing factor was that most talks were limited to 30 minutes, which simply isn’t enough time to do anything meaningful and means that Q & A parts are either so short or disappear altogether.

Today (the day after conference) I’ll sit down and go through my notes and things that have come out of the past five days … you never know, I might find that diamond yet 🙂


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