Cap that!

A couple of years ago while working in Chongqing, China I was staying at a hotel that didn’t have a swimming pool. So, I asked where I could go swimming and someone wrote down the name of a pool nearby. That evening I took a taxi to the pool, trying out my Chinese 🙂

I went in, paid my 30 yuan and walked towards the changing room. Sitting at a desk were two ladies who started talking to me and indicated that I needed a swimming cap. I didn’t have one, so had to buy one from them. I was trying to figure out why I needed a swimming cap and realised it was to stop my hair falling into the pool. However, I don’t have a lot of hair on my head but quite a bit on my body. I tried to explain this to the ladies – but my Chinese it definitely not that good 🙂 I tried to indicate that I needed a cover for the whole of my body – trying to do this through mime is quite funny!

Giving up I went to change, came out carrying my new cap and goggles and watched as the two ladies looked me up and down looking rather shocked 🙂


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